Haworthia Fasciata Alba

Nursery pot 8cm
Height 12cm
Decorative pot size 10cm (Not included)

This little one is a great starting plant for any new plant parents or people prone to killing their plants but he still delivers in the looks department with his funky striped leaves. The Haworthia is closely related to the Aloe family and is just as easy to care for. Happy in either a bright room or in direct sunlight and nice and compact, so it’s perfect as a desk buddy. Due to the minimal watering, this plant can stand a little bit of neglect. But, look out for wrinkling leaves which indicate under-watering whilst mushy leaves are a sign of too much water.

☀️  Light: Bright indirect light or direct sunlight

💧  Water: Every 2-3 weeks in direct sunlight

🏝  Humidity: Dry conditions, doesn’t like the cold

🐶  Pets: Pet friendly

🥰  Care tip: Dormant in the summer months. Renew the soil every 2 years even if repotting isn’t required to keep this little guy healthy and happy