Nursery pot 14cm

Height 45cm

Decorative pot size 16cm

Aloe vera is a plant type that never seems to go out of fashion, always slightly on trend. The thick green leaves of the Torch Aloe have serrated edges, as you can see, making it a little more interesting. Another very easy to care for houseguest that is well known for both healing and air purifying qualities.

Shown in our Pink Glaze pot and Panza pot. 

☀️  Light: Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal

💧  Water: Does not like excess water. Once watered, allow the top couple of inches of soil to dry out fully

🏝  Humidity: Dry conditions

🐶  Pets: Aloe plants can cause some sickness in pets if ingested

🥰  Care tip: Don’t really require any plant feed but if you are going to, best to do so in Spring.