Senecio Rowleyanus

Nursery pot 12cm

Length 15cm

Decorative pot size 14cm

Hanger can be removed from nursery pot shown in pictures

Clearly named for the small round beads, which are actually leaves, the String of Pearls is a much sought after plant with the most delicate leaves of any succulent. Originally from Southwest Africa, this is a hanging or trailing plant and looks amazing in higher positions such as shelves or a hanging pot. This plant is a bit on the fussy side when it comes to care and prefers to be warm with the soil on the drier side.

☀️  Light: Bright indirect light, would enjoy a couple hours of direct sunlight each day

💧  Water: Let soil completely dry out before re-watering. Reduce to a minimum in winter

🏝  Humidity: Prefers dry conditions

🐶  Pets: Toxic to pets 

🥰  Care tip: Prone to be fast growing so repot every year or trim back when unruly