Sansevieria Trifasciata Moonshine, Ghost Snake Plant

Nursery pot 18cm
Height 50cm
Decorative pot size 20cm (Not included)


Named for its unique silvery green leaves, this beautiful green guy is great if you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance but still has some presence. Best in moderate light but can adapt to low light conditions too, this plant is ideal if your room doesn’t get a great deal of sunlight. One of our favourites as not only is this guy super relaxed but he looks great and adds some nice texture to a room, not to mention the fact that he also purifies the air in your home. What a keeper.

☀️  Light: Best in bright indirect light but will tolerate shade well

💧  Water: Approx. every 2 weeks, water when soil has dried out completely

🏝  Humidity: Prefers warmer temperatures but doesn’t need additional humidity

🐶  Pets: Toxic to pets

🥰  Care tip: Yellowing leaves tend to indicate overwatering or poor drainage