Sansevieria Futura

Nursery pot 12cm
Length 40cm
Decorative pot size 14cm (Not included)

Snake Plants are some of the most recognisable plants around with their distinct shape and leaves. They’re also considered to be pretty bullet proof, so are a great choice for someone looking for their first houseplant. This plant can add interest to any room and definitely delivers in the colour department. Like all fellow Sansevieria varieties, this plant also filters airborne toxins. We’re big fans of all types of Sansevieria here at Beanstalk due to their easy maintenance.

☀️  Light: Moderate to bright indirect light, also tolerates low light conditions

💧  Water: Approx. every 2 weeks, allow soil to dry out before watering

🏝  Humidity: Low humidity, dry conditions 

🐶  Pets: Toxic to pets

🥰  Care tip: Pretty indestructible, this plant does not require special care. Scarring may occur on leaves but do not be alarmed, this is normal