Scindapsus Pictus

Nursery pot 12cm

Height 25cm (trailing plant)

Decorative pot size 14cm

Isn’t she pretty? This lovely, speckled gal works beautifully as a trailing plant on a shelf or as a hanging plant. Normally it would grow in the shade of trees, so it can tolerate most light levels and it is a very forgiving plant, making it great for any beginner plant parents out there. This beauty will also get to work purifying the air in your home.

☀️  Light: Low light to filtered sun, very adaptable 

💧  Water: Water weekly in the summer months or when the soil has dried out completely. Reduce watering in winter. 

🏝  Humidity: Moderate to high so mist on occasion

🐶  Pets: Toxic to pets

🥰  Care tip: Place in a bathroom if possible as she will love the humid environment