Sweetheart Plant

Nursery pot 12cm
Hanging or trailing 
Decorative pot size 14cm (Not included)

The Philodendron Scandens is an ideal plant for any newbies to plant parenting as it is very versatile and easy to care for. Whilst good in a medium to bright room, this gal doesn’t mind a bit of shade. Designed as a hanging or trailing plant, find her a spot on a top shelf or somewhere high where she can grow down and become a beautiful green feature on your wall. These plants can grow quickly and reach quite remarkable lengths but can be trimmed back as needed.

☀️  Light: Bright but indirect light, however, this plant is pretty versatile and doesn’t mind shade

💧  Water: Keep the soil moist, only allow the top of the soil to dry slightly before watering

🏝  Humidity: Average household temperatures, moderate humidity.

🐶  Pets: Poisonous so keep away from pets

🥰  Care tip: Do not overwater, better to have slight drought than to have their roots sitting in water