Peperomia Polybotrya

Nursery pot 14cm

Height 30cm

Needs decorative pot size 16cm

Okay we love these. This sweet little plant will make an impression even amongst some of the larger, louder members of your plant gang. The lovely tear shaped leaves work similar to succulents, they store water to use during the drier seasons. Show off. Ideally placed in a spot with bright, indirect light and being compact it would suit a windowsill or shelf space. Paired here with our Tivoli 16cm pot and White Series pot (not included).

☀️ Light: Ideally bright, indirect light or part shade

💧Water: Water regularly in summer, reduce in winter but when the plant feels dry

🏝 Humidity: Enjoys humidity so mist on occasion

🐶 Pets: Pet friendly

🥰 Care Tip: Be sure to keep the leaves on this plant dust free to help with growth