Ctenanthe Burle-Marxii

Nursery pot 14cm
Height cm
Decorative pot size 16cm (Not included)

A very pretty plant, the Never Never Plant is a nice addition to any room. This gal is easy to care for and can tolerate low light levels so is perfect if your home is lacking in bright spaces. At night, she will fold up her leaves as if tucking in for bed and unfurl again in the morning, ready for a new day! Also possessing air-purifying qualities, we think she’s a great addition to a bedroom, as her gentle movements are nice and calming.

☀️  Light: Indirect light, not direct sunlight

💧  Water: Water weekly or when top 2 inches of soil begin to feel dry

🏝  Humidity: High humidity but can tolerate lower levels

🐶  Pets: Pet friendly

🥰  Care tip: If her leaves start to yellow or look burnt, she’s getting too much direct light