Swiss Cheese Plant

Nursery pot 12cm

Height 30cm

Needs decorative pot size 14cm

A little baby version of the well-known Monstera Deliciosa or Swiss Cheese Plant. These guys are perfect for people who don’t have the floor space for a big version. Similar to their bigger sibling they have lush green leaves and they can be very easy to care for. Be sure to clean the dust of their leaves so they can breathe easily. 

☀️  Light: Bright, indirect or dappled light. Monstera can tolerate some lower light

💧  Water: Allow soil to dry out between waterings, every fortnight or less in winter

🏝  Humidity: Enjoys some humidity so mist frequently

🐶  Pets: Toxic to people and pets if ingested

🥰  Care tip: To increase humidity you can also place plants together in groups which creates a microclimate