Green Prayer Plant

Nursery pot 12cm

Height 20cm

Needs decorative pot size 14cm

Marantas (a type of prayer plant) have pretty amazing foliage. They originally come from the tropics and are easy to care for whilst delivering on aesthetics. All prayer plants curl up their leaves at night, hence the name. These plants, if cared for, can live for up to 30 years or more.

These Marantas have 12cm nursery pots so look for a pot with 14cm diameter. 

☀️  Light: Bright, indirect light is best but they can cope with lower light conditions. Direct sun will damage the plant leaves 

💧  Water: Enjoy moist soil but make sure they have a well draining pot, can be susceptible to root rot

🏝  Humidity: Likes humid and warm conditions, do not put in dry heat such as near radiator

🐶  Pets: Pet friendly 

🥰  Care tip: Yellowing leaves are common in prayer plants and are usually a symptom of environment such as placement, too much light for example