Epipremnum Aureum

Nursery pot 17cm
Length 60cm (on a moss pole)
Decorative pot size 20cm (Not included)

Super resilient, this plant is great for anyone looking for their first houseplant due to its easy-going nature. This is a climbing plant due to being planted with a moss pole. The glossy variegated green leaves bring some life to a simple space and we think they look gorgeous against a white wall. This beautiful addition will also purify the air in your home. Golden Pothos can be quite fast-growing but are easy to trim back if they get a bit out of hand!

☀️  Light: Medium light conditions, can tolerate some shade

💧  Water: Water when slightly dry, can tolerate drought more than too much water

🏝  Humidity: Normal to moderate

🐶  Pets: Toxic to pets

🥰  Care tip: You can tease out the leaves to create more volume