Nursery pot 10cm

Height 18cm

Needs decorative pot size 12cm

Gasteria are a group of aloe-like succulents, also known as ox-tongue due to the long and slightly rough textured leaves. Native to South Africa, the Gasteria family grow in lightly shaded conditions therefore it can stand lower light levels than other succulents. These little guys are slow growing and stay relatively compact so won’t require much upkeep by way of repotting. Great little desk buddies. Pairs perfectly with the dipped grey terracotta pot.

☀️ Light: Very tolerant, can be placed in bright spots and also in part shade

💧 Water: Water every few weeks, allow to fully dry out in between watering

🏝 Humidity: Dry conditions

🐶 Pets: Pet friendly

🥰 Care Tip: Repot in new soil every 2 years to keep happy