Calathea Ornata

Pinstripe Calathea

Nursery pot 14cm

Height 50cm

Decorative pot size 16cm

This gorgeous plant is a Queen Bee of the rainforest floor. The beautiful appearance of the leaves of the Ornata, brings a sense of calm to a room. Providing this leafy house guest is well positioned; this plant is easy to look after and will certainly make for a statement piece in your home. We love that the leaves close up at night and unfold in the morning, ready to begin a new day. One of our absolute favourites.

☀️  Light: Prefers a shadier position out of direct light as leaves can get sunburnt

💧  Water: Enjoys moisture. Water thoroughly then allow top soil to dry out 

🏝  Humidity: Enjoys high humidity so group with others to create a microclimate or mist frequently 

🐶  Pets: Pet friendly

🥰  Care tip: If very thirsty, they will roll up their leaves, clever plant! Dislikes being in a draught so take care when picking their location