Calathea musaica

Nursery pot 15cm

Height 45cm

Decorative pot size 16-17cm

The Calathea Network is a new kid on the block and is fast becoming a very trendy indoor plant to have on display. The leaves show off dark green veins and form a pattern similar to a cyber network. This is also a Prayer Plant as it moves with time of day giving the impression it is very much alive. Calatheas can be relatively easy to look after but suffer slightly in drops of temperature and low humidity so choose locations wisely.

☀️  Light: Moderate to slightly low light conditions 

💧  Water: Keep soil relatively moist, allow top inch only to dry between waterings. Use filtered or bottled water ideally

🏝  Humidity: Enjoys high humidity 

🐶  Pets: Pet friendly 

🥰  Care tip: Place with other plants to increase humidity, sit on pebble tray or mist frequently