Nursery pot 11cm

Height 30cm

Needs decorative pot size 13-14cm

The Calathea Insignis, also known as the ‘Rattlesnake Plant’, is an edgy little houseguest. With variegated leaves and a dark burgundy underside, this plant catches attention.

Has an 11cm nursery pot so look for a pot with 13-14cm diameter such as our Terracotta pot.

☀️  Light: Indirect light is best, do not sit this plant in direct sunlight as it will damage the leaves

💧  Water: Calathea plants enjoy moist soil so water regularly but reduce during the winter months, do not allow to fully dry out. Think little and often.

🏝  Humidity: Enjoys high humidity, mist regularly or place in the bathroom for a boost

🐶  Pets: Pet friendly 

🥰  Care tip: Wipe down her leaves to allow her to breathe properly