Nursery pot 12cm

Height 35cm

Needs decorative pot size 14cm

The Calathea Fasciata looks like a slightly darker, miniature Calathea Orbifolia. The markings on their leaves are similar but in darker green tones. These plants also move with the time of the day, leaning upward through the night and unfolding in the morning. This beautiful gal will grow large rounded leaves as she matures and certainly brighten up your shelves.

Has a 12cm nursery pot so look for a pot with 14cm diameter such as our Mustard Yellow or Green Mesh pot.

☀️ Light: Indirect light, do not sit this plant in direct sunlight as it will damage the leaves

💧 Water: Calathea plants enjoy moist soil so water regularly but reduce during the winter months, do not allow to fully dry out. Think little and often.

🏝 Humidity: Enjoys humidity so mist frequently

🐶 Pets: Pet friendly

🥰 Care tip: Wipe down her leaves to allow her to breathe properly