Nursery pot 12cm

Height 20cm

Decorative pot size 14cm

How freakin’ cool is this guy?! This interesting character goes by the common name ‘Bunny Ear Cactus’ and it’s obvious why! Also known as the 'Polka Dot Cactus' due to the vibrant little circular hairs. Native to Mexico and Arizona, this plant is used to desert conditions and therefore is super low maintenance. Slow growing but tough, keep this plant happy and it could eventually reach up to 2ft tall.

Needs a decorative pot of 14cm size such as Mustard Yellow or Terracotta pot. 

☀️  Light: Bright light is best and move to bright indirect light during the winter  

💧  Water: Regularly in the summer and reduce in winter. Only water when the soil is fully dry

🏝  Humidity: Dry warm conditions, room temp

🐶  Pets: Due to the prickly hairs, keep away from pets and children, and you might want to wear gloves when handling!

🥰  Care tip: Renew the soil every 2 years to keep happy and provide nutrients