Also known as Tiger Aloe

Nursery pot 10cm

Height 20cm

Needs decorative pot size 10-12cm

 This Tiger Aloe is a very cute little desk buddy and would make an excellent small gift for someone due to its compact nature and very relaxed care needs. Similar to other succulents, this plant only needs watered once or twice a month during spring and summer and once a month in the winter. New leaves appear individually over time from the centre of the plant, pushing older leaves in a spiral fashion. Paired here with Eno pot and part of the Lil Succas set (not included with plant unless bought as set). 

☀️ Light: Ideally bright, indirect light or some direct sun exposure

💧 Water: Every few weeks, allow to fully dry out in between watering

🏝 Humidity: Dry conditions

🐶 Pets: Pet friendly

🥰 Care tip: Don’t use cold water when watering, drastic temperature changes can cause stress to the plant