Chinese Evergreen or Red Aglaonema 

Nursery pot 12cm

Height 35cm

Decorative pot size 14cm

A variation of Chinese Evergreens, the Aglaonema are decorative indoor plants that thrive in homes and office spaces. These plants may not look it but they’re a great beginner plant as their care needs are quite simple and Aglaonema are also quite tolerant of lower light conditions. Slow growing, it’ll be a while before you’ll need to repot this luscious house guest.

☀️  Light: Moderate to bright indirect light, also tolerates low light conditions

💧  Water: Simple watering needs, water when the top of the soil is drying out, fortnightly in winter

🏝  Humidity: Moderate humidity 

🐶  Pets: Toxic to pets 

🥰  Care tip: Drooping leaves indicate over watering while leaves and stems pointing very upright along with dry soil means under watered