Plants and Our Wellbeing

Plants and Our Wellbeing

Plants and Our Wellbeing


Houseplants may just be the perfect home accessory. Not only do the little (or big) green guys brighten up a room and inject a bit of life into a space, but they also greatly benefit our wellbeing and there is no better time to talk about this than months into a global pandemic. This is actually why Beanstalk came about in the first place. To bring the outside in, along with all of its goodness.

As well as COVID-19, there has been a steady increase in the number of people moving into built up areas. This means we can often feel a bit disconnected from the natural world and more and more of us are turning to plants to help bridge that gap and to reap the benefits these houseguests bring to our lives.


Let us shed some light on what plants can do for you, and hopefully it’ll encourage you to embrace plant parenting. Very tempting to try and squeeze as many plant puns as possible into this blog.


Stress reduction

Number one for us right now, as let’s face it, the world is proving a bit stressful at the moment between the pandemic, politics, winter setting in and launching a business! Spending time in nature has been known to help mental fatigue, slow down your heart rate and even reduce high blood pressure. A reduction in anxiety is also another huge reason to start your own indoor jungle, especially if you’re working from home for the foreseeable.


Encourage self-care

We can all be a bit guilty of neglecting ourselves when life gets busy or when we start to feel a bit deflated and down but having a plant posse to take care of can push you to slow down and dedicate time to look after them. As you get your plants into a routine, it reminds you to take a moment for yourself as well, and these usually become somewhat integrated such as relaxing on a Sunday morning with your cup of coffee after watering your green gang.


Enhanced creativity

Being surrounded by nature, even in urban areas such as parks, has been found to boost creativity, mood and give us renewed energy and ideas. Even working or studying with a view of greenery has also been shown to improve productivity and concentration. All ideal reasons to fill that home office or study space with plants. Get to it.


Air purification

Plants help you to breathe. Do we really need to elaborate on that? That’s quite a strong reason to buy a plant for your home.


Certain plants are air purifying champions which could be particularly beneficial if you’re living in a city where pollution is higher. To put it simply, they release oxygen and absorb the bad stuff. All of our descriptions underneath our plants will tell you whether or not they’re air purifiers but plants such as pothos and snake plants are a good shout, or just check out our air purifying collection.


Reconnect with real life

Technology. Whilst it has numerous benefits, we really think people would benefit hugely from learning to take a step away from their devices. Plants are a perfect way to do this. Tending to plants is very calming and distracting and an ideal way to take a break from tech. The concentration on the plant alone, forces you into the present moment and you quickly forget about scrolling Instagram, looking at emails or falling down a TikTok rabbit hole where hours of your life disappear.


All in all, there are a world of benefits when it comes to plants. You might initially start buying plants just to spruce up your home but they do so much more than that. Also, is there any better feeling than when one of your plants puts out a new leaf #proudplantparent.